More than 500,000 members from APC and PDP will join NNPP in Katsina.

The New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, says the party has a good chance of winning elections in the country in the next 2023 general elections, according to the party’s Katsina Local Government Chairman, Alhaji Babangida P.A

“More than 500,000 people from the PDP, the ruling AP, C, and other parties will join our party in Katsina State soon,” said Alhaji Babangida PA, NNPP Chairman. Katsina State

P.A made the remarks while addressing newsmen following a meeting of local government leaders held at Shinkafi B.

He said the party was planning to strengthen its presence in Katsina, where new members across the country were planning to defect from the ruling APC and the PDP to the NNPP, which wants to provide basic amenities to Nigerians. Opportunitieshub reported

Encouraging the unity of the new party, Babangida P.A said the NNPP was ready to give every Nigerian a chance.

“It is not erroneous for the community to follow their legitimate democratic liberations by the interests of the party and the Nigerian constitution.” He said

He advised those who were interested in joining the party to follow the right path.

“Given the party’s convention in Abuja and the wide number of followers who attended, it is obvious that the party welcomes everyone. We are very happy with the progress the party is making here in Katsina State, and we are ready to welcome them to our main party. It is a joy for all members of the Party. We are committed to creating a conducive environment for them to be treated fairly and honestly, ”he said.

He said given the current situation in the country, Nigerians needed a party that would solve the country’s problems and restores their confidence.

Speaking on who the party will field as the sole candidate in the next general election, Alhaji Babangida P.A said “Kwankwaso is the right leader for Nigeria now.”

“Former Kano State Governator, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso is a man of God’s talent. He is also a politician whose political focus is on erecting the country as a whole. Kwankwaso’s vision has always been to see young people stand on their own two feet.” he said

Furthermore “We pray to God that all those who do not understand Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso will understand him sooner rather than later.”



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