Tinubu: Pantami cuts off electricity to Nigerians

The All Progressive Congress National Leader Bola Ahmad Tinubu said Nigerians were cut off from the national power grid in one of his statements during his recent election campaign, linking it to the Ministry of Communications Pantami though it is not his responsibility.

On Sunday, the former Lagos governor was at the Onikan Stadium with thousands of supporters and lamented Nigeria’s power shortages.

Communications Minister Isa Pantami cut off millions of Nigerian telephone lines claiming they were not included in the national database. The minister said he had introduced the measure to curb insecurity.

Mr. Tinubu said earlier during his presidential campaign next year that he was optimistic about fixing the power shortage in Nigeria, adding that the collapse of the system could stem from the failure of previous administrations for denied to accept his advice.

Mr. Tinubu, unable to determine in front of the participants the differences between the Ministry of Power and the Ministry of communication, attributed the lack of electricity to Pantami.

Mr. Tinubu’s merger of the two ministries has cast doubt on the public, even though health experts say age had an impact on the statement.

The 70-year-old politician said last year the Nigerian military should recruit 50 million young people to fight unemployment.

Earlier this year he was spotted on camera with urine on his body. He also said that permanent voter cards have an Expire.

Mr. Tinubu’s age has been the subject of much debate in the community, with some politicians who knew him decades ago insisting he should not be 70, as he officially claims.

But he went on to say that he was in good health and could rule 200 million Nigerians successfully if elected. Tinubu’s supporters point to President Muhammadu Buhari, who came to power despite his age. But they forgot that Buhari spent months in hospital.

Source: Gazette


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