Two million people to start receiving N20 billion every month from June

The federal government says two million people will start receiving about 20 billion nairas from June this year under the Citizens’ Aid Program.

It was announced that the Federal Government will distribute N5,000 per person. It is estimated that only two million people will benefit. This means the government will spend N20bn on the beneficiaries.

The March 2022 strategy map of the Ministry of Human Affairs, released in Abuja, shows that the number of people receiving government assistance is increasing.

The report said that in 2018, a total of 19 states benefited from grants under the Citizenship Subsidy Scheme, while in 2019 it increased to 24 states, and in 2022 it increased to 36 states including major federal cities.

But in a statement, Sadiya Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Community Development, said the number would increase in June.

“The federal government is committed to supporting the poor and disadvantaged every month, ”she said

She explained that the ministry had designed and tested the identification of non-poor workers, who were regularly paid by civil servants, saying the subsidy was only for the less fortunate.

Minister Sadiya Umar Farooq said, “So far out of the one million people that the government intends to distribute, we have been able to distribute N5,000 to 850,000 people.

“150,000 people will be paid grants by the end of April 2022. Each of the beneficiaries is receiving a six-month grant.”

The ministry said the N-Power volunteer program provided temporary employment to 498,602 students who graduated in batches A and B, while 450,000 people under Batch C Stream 1 were employed.

She added that with another 390,000 in the Batch C Stream 2 system, President Buhari has approved an additional one million beneficiaries.

School Feeding

The report shows that 9.8 million students are fed daily under the national student feeding program, while the cooks number 127,000, and 98 of them provide a variety of nutritious foods.

There is a partnership between the Federal Government and the State Governments. The federal government is responsible for allocating funds. As the states implement day-to-day operations that include food purchases, the selection of cooks, and shippers to schools.



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